Gold Blessing Birds Urn – LoveUrns

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The Gold Blessing Birds Urn for Ashes has a gold engraved design of birds and branches against a soft pink background.



The Gold Blessing Birds Urn for Ashes by LoveUrns has a hand-engraved scene of gold birds, flowers, and leaves against a soft pink background. This cremation urn is an exclusive LoveUrns design and can express the love and tenderness toward your loved one.

The lid of the Gold Blessing Birds Urn is threaded for a tight closure and is highlighted with the pink enamel and a band of bright gold. This cremation urn is made of solid brass.
Each urn in this collection is protected from the elements with the exclusive LoveUrns™ Glosscoat Anti-Tarnish finish. However, due to this finish, this brass urn cannot be directly engraved. You might consider adding a gold engraved pendant to hang from this urn.

The LoveUrns™ Collection is a premier line of metal and brass cremation urns.


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